Crossover (hot hatch) Mercedes GLA 45 AMG

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The 2017 Mercedes AMG GLA 45 Yellow night edition @Duttonone. This yellow and black combo is boldly highlighted throughout the car, powered by a 2.0 litre turbocharged petrol engine with 280KW and 475Nm of torque, with a 7 speed dual clutch auto gearbox. Want to buy this specific car, click here.

First impression

Standing next to the 45, you get the sense that this certainly is a crossover, even as you sit in the car, the extra room and height is definitely noticeable. But, once properly seated, the recaro seats hug the body tight, hinting that this may just be a larger hot hatch.

The front grill is super aggressive, with large air intakes on both sides highlighted with yellow (thanks night edition).

Same for the rear spoiler and rear diffuser, both aggressive and also have yellow lines. 

The recaro seats are quite comfortable, but super racey, ready to keep hold of you while you put this crossover hot hatch to the test.

The interior keeps up with the exterior black and yellow theme, with splashes of yellow throughout.   

The drive

This crossover drives like a hot hatch. It feels super light and hugs the road, even in comfort mode. The 280kW turbo engine gives plenty of power once it hooks, with the 7 speed dual clutch flicking through the gears fast and effortlessly. The gear changes still sound super aggressive, as with all AMGs, but it shifts incredibly fast and is loads of fun when using the paddle shift in the sport modes. The steering feels incredibly precise, with the car hugging the road super tight around the twisty roads in the sport modes (sport, sport + and race). 

Comfort mode really softens the suspension, with the car dealing with bumps and potholes surprisingly well. The steering still feels super responsive and precise in this mode, with the engine still putting down some serious power when you need it.

The GLA 45 AMG is an awesome car to hoon around in. It feels close to the road just like a hot hatch, but has a little more space for the friends/family. It has a very sporty vibe, both in and out, with a strong AMG feeling, especially while blipping through the gears once out on the highway.

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