2019 Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class GLC63 AMG S Auto 4MATIC+ Coupe

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The SUV that doesn’t feel like one…drives like a sports car that you can get sideways! The GLC63s coupe is an aggressive looking SUV, that looks more like a wagon, but still has the room of a bigger car.

The coupe really helps with the wagon look, making the rear more streamlined, with the spoiler standing out more, helping to give off that sporty vibe.  Spending some time in this beast got the heart rate up, and was comfortable once comfort mode was engaged.

Looks and luxury

The exterior is quite pleasing to the eye, with the curves and lines playing their parts. The front grill is super aggressive, especially with everything but the badges blacked out. The black wheels with the orange calipers really stand out, especially with the yellow side stickers.

The interior has super comfortable seats that really hold you in place, with plenty of space in the back for the family (less space in the coupe version).

The older style steering wheel with metal paddles is a simple yet effective design, but the older infotainment makes the interior quite dated for a 3 year old car. The carbon fiber middle section gives off a very sporty vibe, with all the buttons and controls set out nicely to create a user friendly environment.

The analog speedo with a middle digital display is great, as personally I’m a fan of analog speedos…maybe I just can’t let go. We also have air suspension to raise the car if you go off road or need to use steep driveways etc.

The Driving Experience

First off, the launch control is quite extreme. This GLC launches super hard with loads of grip (4 matic +) putting all that power onto the road. It’s very fast, throwing you back into the seat when you put the foot down. This SUV feels like a wagon to drive, with the extra benefits of height and space. It hugs the corners well for a large vehicle, giving plenty of confidence with the 4 matic +. The GLC has super stiff suspension, especially in sports+ mode which truly transforms the vehicle to a super aggressive sports car.

Comfort mode quiets down the engine and softens the suspension, making for a more comfortable ride when you feel like cruising.

An interesting side note : Held the record for the fastest SUV around the Nurburgring track in 2018!

Twin turbo V8 engine

Powered by a 503hp/516lbft torque 4 litre twin turbo V8. It takes 3.8 seconds to 100kpm with launch mode. Has a 9 speed multiplate clutch, creating lightning fast shifts with an awesome aggressive AMG downshift. Open up the exhaust valves for more awesome AMG roaring and popping to add to the super sporty vibe, then turn it off when you’re in a more relaxed mood.

Like most classic Mercedes AMGs, this GLC63s is so easy to drive at speed, giving you the feeling of full control even when you’re hooning.

The GLC63s Coupe is a few different vehicles in one, with a super aggressive sports car mode, to a chill drive to the shops on a sunday morning mode…and a mode in between when you can’t decide. The luxury interior creates an awesome mood inside the car, with the exterior being quite a head turner even though it’s an SUV.

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