Tough Evolved: Mercedes-Benz Berwick X-Class launch


Mercedes-Benz has launched the new X-Class light commercial all over the country, and Mercedes-Benz Berwick brought us in to cover media for their special launch event at Sandown Raceway's 4x4 course.


Guests were invited to sample three various specifications of the new truck through mud, dirt, steep inclines and rough terrain for a contextual experience of its capabilities.


The event ran across two days, and took us through a full Melbourne weather spectrum with clear skies and sun, into sideways rain and hail.


We documented the event for a digital marketing video campaign, as well as photographing drivers on the course for an on-the-spot social media competition run by the dealership. Processing and delivering the images in real time for the dealership's marketing team to distribute to guests is no small task, though we took it head on and helped put together a great interactive element for the drivers.


Speaking of drivers, Mercedes-Benz driving instructors accompanied guests through the course, encouraging them to confidently approach all elements of the track.


It was a great experience taking part in such an interactive marketing event for an exciting car breaking new ground for the brand. Watching the drivers put the X-Class through its paces had us fairly excited for a drive of our own...

20180413_142927 copy.jpg

...which is exactly what we did during a break in customer drives. Heading up a steep incline with nothing but blue sky through your windshield is a little unnerving at first, though the forward-facing cameras allay any fear as you see everything ahead of you through the centre console screen.


The weather turned fairly savage on the second day, with heavy rain, strong winds and at times, hail. The X-Class pushed through it, as did we, and the elements made for great photography no matter how unpleasant it was to stand out there.


We'd like to extend a big thank you to Mercedes-Benz Berwick for bringing us in on the project, we had a great time taking part in the event.


Images: Leigh Kelly & Arthur Truong/Minami Media + Production

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