Dealership Services

We provide tailored media solutions for car dealerships – with expansive product knowledge and a genuine enthusiasm for the car industry, we can proudly say we are the right fit for your digital media needs.

Vehicle Sales Photography

Vehicle Sales Videos

Social Media and Marketing


We’ve honed our industry-specific professional photography skills for years. By specialising in the automotive industry, we understand your advertising needs better than anyone. We create polished and high-impact content tailored to your brand’s image.

Our sharp, eye-catching sales photography pays close attention to consistency, ensuring a neat and structured display in your website’s search results. Once your customer has clicked through, they’re met with sharp, vibrant photos that accurately present the vehicle’s features and condition in a way that highlights that specific vehicle’s key features and selling points to the target customer. Our sales photography is distributed directly to all of your sales platforms; giving your sales team more time to focus on what they do best.

To complement your sales strategy, we also shoot commercial grade creative photography for your marketing teams; that means no more duplicating the same OEM press content your competitor franchises are all using in your EDMs and Social Media content


Our in-house video team caters to the full spectrum of video needs for the industry. From simple and communicative sales videos to complement your sales listing photography, all the way to cinematic commercials shot in recognisable locations within your PMA that speak directly to your actual customers.